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Department of Zoology


  • To spread the knowledge of Zoology and its applied concepts among the student of rural background.
  • To create awarenessabout biodiversity, environment and conservation practices through study tours and field visits.
  • To provide scientific projects on local issues including health, conservation, biodiversity and environmental awareness.
  • To provide an opportunity to the student of zoology to occupy the important positions in the subject related Institution and Industries.


Aims and Objectives:

  • To make the students literate in the subject Zoology.
  • To spread the concepts likeconservation and environmental awarenessamong the young generation through fieldwork, study visits and excursion.      
  • Application of the knowledge in Zoology for nutrition, agriculture and livestock for the betterment of the rural population.
  • To provide practical experience to the students as a part of their learning process.
  • To motivate the interested students to choose the Zoology as carrier developing subject.


Post Accreditation Initiatives:

  • Short term course in Sericulture.
  • ICT Teaching and Learning technique
  • Field visits for environmental studies and bird observation.

Research activities :

  • Participation in National, International.Conferencesand research publication.
  • Minor research projects.



  • Head Cabin: 100 sq. ft.
  • Senior Staff Room: 230 sq. ft.
  • Junior Staff Room : 80 sq. ft.
  • Four Laboratories :
  • Lab. I: 864 sq. ft. for B.Sc. I
  • Lab. II: 513 sq. ft. for B.Sc. II
  • Lab. III: 497 sq. ft. for B.Sc. III theory & Practical
  • Lab. IV: 621 sq. ft. for B.Sc. I/II


Unique Features

  • Surgically removed abnormal specimen of Human embryo
  • Huge Nest of Paper Wasp
  • Prominent Specimen: Pangolin & Lung Fish
  • Locally Collected Specimen of Fishes and Snakes

Learning Resources

  • Two Computers with Internet Connectivity
  • Museum   
  • Departmental Library
  • Charts and models
  • Transparencies


Future Plans

  • Proposal for post graduate (M.Sc.) recognition.
  • Proposal for research laboratory recognition.    
  • Proposals to start suitable short term courses in sericulture, apiculture, fisheries and other environmental aspects.
  • To make the laboratory well equipped and applications of modern technology for the study of zoology
  • To provide better opportunity to the students of rural area for their placements in the field of medical, biotechnology, fishery and forest departments.