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Janata Shikshan Sanstha's

Kisan Veer Mahavidyalaya, Wai

Tal-Wai, Dist-Satara, Maharashtra(India)-412803

NAAC Status - Grade 'B+' CGPA (2.66)

The Yoga and Meditation Committee organizes sessions of Yoga and Meditation in the college. Yoga training has been imparted to the students to supplement education. It improves the functioning of respiratory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive and excretory systems. It also helps to cure behavioral disorders, nervous breakdowns and manic depression. It enhances academic, sports, social and all the activities of the students. Yoga education helps to develop self-discipline and self-control in the students which increases awareness, concentration and consciousness among them.

Meditation instills a deep sense of calmness and peace of mind. It develops the ability to abide by in the present moment and unlock the source of inspiration. It gives the students the means to access the mind’s inner wealth. Meditation helps to lower high blood pressure and levels of blood lactate reduce anxiety attacks and decrease tension related pain. It helps to increase serotonin production and improves mood and behavior, strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels.

The Yoga and Meditation Committee conducts Yoga and Meditation Training Programs regularly. The college invites various experts as Resource Persons for training.


1. To enable the students to have good physical and mental health
2. To develop self- discipline and self-control
3. To instill a deep sense of calmness, peace of mind and emotional stability
4. To avoid tension-related pain and disorders
5. To integrate moral values
6. To attain higher level of awareness, concentration and consciousness.