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Janata Shikshan Sanstha's

Kisan Veer Mahavidyalaya, Wai

Tal-Wai, Dist-Satara, Maharashtra(India)-412803

NAAC Status - Grade 'B+' CGPA (2.66)

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2 Extended Profile of the Institution PDF
3.2 Sanctioned Post PDF
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1.1.2 Minutes of Meetings BOS PDF
1.1.2. Syllabus PDF
1.1.3. University BOS Meetings PDF
1.2.1. Affiliation Certificates PDF
1.2.2 CBCS PDF
1.2.2. Minutes of Relevent Academic Councils, BOS Meeting PDF
1.2.2. Additional Information PDF
1.2.3 Students List PDF
1.3.1. List and Discription of Courses Address the Gender, Environment etc. PDF
1.3.2 Value Added Courses PDF
1.3.2. Syllabus PDF
1.3.3. Certificates of field visit PDF
1.3.3. Additional Information PDF
1.4.1. Feedback Forms PDF
1.4.2. Action Taken Report PDF
1.4.2. Feedback Report Analysis PDF
QuesNo Discription Additional Information PDF
2.1.2 Extract of No. of Applications Received PDF
2.1.2. Additional Information PDF
2.1.3 Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI State Govt rule year wise during last fiv PDF
2.1.3. Percentage of Seats as Per Reservation Policy PDF
2.2.1. Additional Information-Special Programmes for Advanced Learners PDF
2.2.2. Additional Information-Teacher 2013-14 to 2017-18 UG & PG PDF
2.2.3 Additional Information-divyangjan Students Certificates PDF
2.2.3 Doccument Submitted by Institution to Government Agency PDF
2.3.1 Additional Information - Student Centric Methods PDF
2.3.2 List of Teachers using ICT PDF
2.3.2 Use Of ICT PDF
2.3.3 Circulars of Mentor and Mentees PDF
2.3.4 Additional Information - Innovations & Creativity in Teaching-Learning PDF
2.4.1 Sanctioned Post PDF
2.4.2 Ph.D. Certificates PDF
2.4.3 Additional Information -Teaching Experiane of Full Time Teachers PDF
2.4.4 Awards PDF
2.5.1 Continuous Internal Evaluation PDF
2.5.2. Transparent Internal Assessment PDF
2.5.3 Examination Related Grivances PDF
2.5.4. Academic Calender PDF
2.6.1 Outcome- Table PDF
2.6.2. Attainment of POs,Psos and Cos PDF
2.6.3 Result Analysis PDF
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3.1.1. Grant Award Letters for Research Project PDF Research Guides PDF
3.1.3. Supporting Doccuments From Funding Agency PDF
3.1.3. Research Project PDF
3.2.1 Ecosystem for Innovations PDF
3.2.2 Workshops-Seminars Reports PDF
3.3.1. Code Of Ethics in Research PDF
3.3.2 Letters of Incentive PDF
3.3.3 PhD Award Letters PDF
3.3.5 ISBN Books PDF
3.4.1. Additional Information PDF
3.4.2 Awards for Extention Activities PDF
3.4.3 Extension and Outreached Programmes PDF
3.4.4. Students Participation in Extension Activities PDF
3.5.1 Linkages PDF
3.5.2 MOUs PDF
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4.1.1. College Campus Photos PDF
4.1.2 Facilities for Sports, Games and cultural activities PDF
4.1.3. ICT class rooms Photos PDF
4.1.4 Yearwise expenditure of Infrastructure facility PDF
4.2.1 Integrated Library management system PDF
4.2.2 List of Rare Books PDF
4.2.3 E-Coppy of Subscription Letter & Membership PDF
4.2.3 NList User Statistics PDF
4.2.4 Library Budget & Audit Report PDF
4.2.5 Remote Access For E-Resources through Library Website PDF
4.2.5 Snapshot of landing page for E-Resouces through Inflibnet PDF
4.2.6 Library User Register Entries of 5 Days PDF
4.3.1 Internet Bill 2013-18 PDF
4.3.2 Computer Invoices.pdf PDF
4.3.2 Departmentwise Computer PDF
4.3.3 Internet Bill 2013-18 PDF
4.3.4 You Tube Video ScreenShot PDF
4.3.4. Geotagged Photos - Copy PDF
4.4.1 Yearwisewise Annual Budget & Expinditure of Physical & Academic Support facility PDF
4.4.2 Additional Information-Procedures for maintaining PDF
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5.1.1. Scholarship-freeship Consolidated Document PDF
5.1.2. Scholarship Sanctioned by Institution PDF
5.1.3 Capabality Enhancement Schemes PDF
5.1.4. Competative Examination Brochure PDF
5.1.6 Mechanism of Student Grivances PDF
5.2.1 Placement Cell Reports PDF
5.2.2. Progression to Higher Education PDF
5.2.3. Pass Certificates PDF
5.3.1. Awards and Medals PDF
5.3.3. Report of Sports Activities PDF
5.4.1. Audited Statement PDF
5.4.2. Audited Statement PDF
5.4.3 Alumni Association Meeting PDF
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6.1.1. Objectives PDF
6.1.2 Decentralization PDF
6.2.1 Deployment PDF
6.2.2 Organizational Structure PDF
6.2.3 Implimentation of e-governance PDF
6.2.4 Various Committees PDF
6.3.1 Welfare Measures PDF
6.3.2 Financial Support to Attend Conference PDF
6.3.3. Training Programmes PDF
6.3.4. Professional Development Programmes PDF
6.3.5 Performance Apprisal System PDF
6.4.1 Audit Reports PDF
6.4.2. Donations PDF
6.4.3. Strategies for Funds PDF
6.5.1. IQAC Stratergies and Processes PDF
6.5.2. IQAC Review PDF
6.5.3 Quality Initiatives PDF
6.5.4 Quality Assurance Initiatives PDF
Perspective Plan PDF
Deployment Document PDF
Organogram PDF
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7.1.1 Gender Equity Promotion Initiatives PDF
7.1.1 Gender Equity Promotion Programmes Report PDF
7.1.2 Gender Sensitivity in Providing Facilities PDF
7.1.3 Annual Power Requirement PDF
7.1.4 Annual Power Requirement LED PDF
7.1.5 Waste Management PDF
7.1.6 Rainwater Harvesting Structure PDF
7.1.7 Green Practices PDF
7.1.8 Expenditure on Green Initiatives PDF
7.1.8 Green Initiatives PDF
7.1.9 Resources Available for Divyangjan PDF
7.1.10 Inciusion and Situatedness PDF
7.1.11 Contribution to Local Community PDF
7.1.12 Code of Conduct Handbook PDF
7.1.12 Students Attributes PDF
7.1.13 Core Values PDF
7.1.14 Activities - Photo PDF
7.1.14 Festivals and Birth-Death Anniversaries PDF
7.1.15 Life Skills Development skills PDF
7.1.16 The institution functioning is as per professional code of prescribe PDF
7.1.16 UGC-Regulation_July 2018 PDF
7.1.16 University Act (English).pdf PDF
7.1.17 report.pdf PDF
7.1.18 Institution---Festivals and Birth-death Annivarsaries PDF
7.2.1 Best Practices PDF
7.3.1 Jai Kisan Boys Hostel PDF